We help you develop your digital strategy, identify its prerequisites, brakes and levers, question its stakes and measure its impacts.

This participatory and inclusive work, initiated in the workshop, leads to the definition of strategic roadmaps including in particular shared diagnostics, context and/or market analyses, points of vigilance and digital development axes.

Assistance to the project owner

With 35 years of cumulative experience, the Askem team offers its expertise and assistance to its customers in the following areas: writing specifications, understanding and fluidifying the relationships that bind them to their partners or service providers, expressing and analyzing their needs, or writing responses to digital calls for projects.

Within this framework, Askem also comes in punctual reinforcement of the executive committees of companies showing the need for support in senior teams.

Change management

Because digital technology is at the service of users and because any change in their habits or practices must be anticipated, shared and supported, we carry out for our customers a work to help the teams:

  • Work on representations.
  • Identification of brakes, levers, points of convergence and divergence.
  • Definition of a common culture.
  • Testing, evaluation and adaptation of proposed solutions.


Askem offers you training and insights on different themes:

  • Digital 360: from innovation to market launch, an overview of everything digital technology can do today.
  • Digital project management and agile methods.
  • User centered design.
  • Management of technical teams.
  • Training in digital tools and their integration.
  • Digital entrepreneurship.