Sur mesure

Askem accompanies you in the creation, sur mesure, of your e-commerce website

From the analysis of your needs to the first sales, we are at your side. We question your practices, study your strengths, and work on your possible constraints to overcome them. We make your site for you and with you, which allows you to make it your own and to gain in understanding and ease of use.

We conceive our services as times of training and co-construction to make a site that looks like you and serves your purpose.

Gradually, you master the concepts and the tool designed to implement them. At the end of our common work, you will make your first sales. According to your needs, we advise you in digital marketing, referencing, communication and partnership development.

Our mission is to enable you to take lasting ownership of the challenges and results of the digital dynamics driven together.


In order to ensure the durability and independence of the site created, we use Open Source reference tools: WordPress and the WooCommerce extension.

WordPress is the content management system the most used on the web, it operates 1/3 of the sites in the world. It allows to create websites and to manage them very easily through its administration interface. Its strength is based on three elements. The first one is its characteristic Open Source : everyone can contribute to the genesis of the code and its evolution; you can install WordPress on your servers without having to buy it. The second is its very large community of developers and users which contributes to propose 57000 extensions to achieve just about everything imaginable. Finally, the third asset of WordPress is its frequent use which makes it a reference tool.

WordPress allows you to manage any type of content and to present them harmoniously on a website: pages, articles, images, videos, comments, etc. It also manages user accounts, site security, statistics, tags and categories.


WooCommerce is, as for it, the most used e-commerce extension on the market. It works only with WordPress and adds its e-commerce capabilities: products, variants, catalogs, sales, shopping tunnels, orders, inventory, and deliveries.

The use of these two tools, WordPress and WooCommerce allows to the realization of a tailor-made site, in perfect adequacy with what you wish to propose to your users and customers.

According to your needs, and after a period of guarantee where we intervene free of charge to carry out any corrections required, we ensure the hosting and maintenance of your site. Its proper functioning is thus guaranteed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You have an e-commerce website project?

You want to start redesigning an existing site? Make a connection between your management system or ERP and your site?

Contact us, we will accompany you.