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Photography & Digital: 7 days with Addictpictures!

At Askem, what we know how to do and what we like to do is to accompany you in your dynamics of change and the realization of your digital projects.

When Addictpictures knocked on our door with the ambition to give a new impetus to his passion, photography, we knew that we would not only have the pleasure of creating a digital tool to the height of our client's ambitions (commercial site for the sale of works of art), but also the privilege to accompany a moment of life.

Together, we studied the contours of photography and the springs favoring the marketing of limited edition prints, we questioned and redefined the identity of Addictpictures and the e-commerce site created, defined its tree structure and its functionalities, its visuals and its fonts.

Three co-construction workshops punctuated our collaboration. If they led to the realization of the e-commerce site desired by our client, they also allowed the transfer of knowledge and digital skills. Much more than the realization of a digital tool, our mission is to enable our customers to take ownership of the concepts, issues and also the results of the dynamic driven for a sustainable, civic and ethical digital.

And it is Addictpictures that says it: "Thanks to Emilie and Louis from Askem for their professionalism, kindness and ethics. My website would not have been live without them". We too say thank you!